Drink Pink + Support Women’s Health

On Wednesdays we drink pink! (and everyday, honestly). October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a cause that I really care about, and I love finding new ways to help support.


ONEHOPE Wine started a Drink Pink campaign where proceeds go to women’s health and  cancer research. Each bottle purchased helps women’s health in different ways.

  • The Lodi Rosé (below, left) educates 50 women about their risk and symptoms of ovarian cancer for each bottle sold
  • The Pink Glitter Edition California Chardonnay (right) funds a clinical trial for a woman with breast cancer for every 2 bottles purchased


img_2589ONEHOPE Wine is a world-class vineyard in Napa Valley that makes a positive impact on the world everyday. With the slogan, “Do good, wine not?” you can tell that ONEHOPE truly cares about giving back.

If you shop the exclusive wines right now, you can get 20% of 3 bottles or more though the drink pink campaign! Shop the link here 🙂



What’s better than drinking wine and helping people at the same time?!





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