Monday Mentions 9.5

Happy Labor Day & welcome back to another Mylife Monday Mentions! Unfortunately, my private University does not give us the day off, but I hope many of you are relaxing today!

Check out some of my current obsessions:

  1. Karma Viva Bracelets– These bracelets are adorable and $10 of every order goes to charity! I love shopping for a cause πŸ™‚
  2. Not your Mother’sΒ Way to Grow hair products- They smell great and help your hair stay healthy and strong going into the fall months.
  3. Etsy fashion prints– I used a lot of these to decorate my apartment bedroom. Β Gold, white, pink and navy is my current theme.
  4. All in Good Taste Book– This coffee table book by Kate Spade is such a fun read and helps add some color to my living room!
  5. Listening to: “Closer” remix

Monday Mentions



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