Monday Mentions 9.5

Happy Labor Day & welcome back to another Mylife Monday Mentions! Unfortunately, my private University does not give us the day off, but I hope many of you are relaxing today!

Check out some of my current obsessions:

  1. Karma Viva Bracelets– These bracelets are adorable and $10 of every order goes to charity! I love shopping for a cause 🙂
  2. Not your Mother’s Way to Grow hair products- They smell great and help your hair stay healthy and strong going into the fall months.
  3. Etsy fashion prints– I used a lot of these to decorate my apartment bedroom.  Gold, white, pink and navy is my current theme.
  4. All in Good Taste Book– This coffee table book by Kate Spade is such a fun read and helps add some color to my living room!
  5. Listening to: “Closer” remix

Monday Mentions



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