Mylife Monday Mentions-8.15

Another week calls for another Mylife Monday Mentions!  Since the last post, I finished my internship at ELLE magazine and went on our annual family vacation.  Now I’m just getting ready to start my senior year of college (so crazy, right?).

Here are my Monday Mentions for 8.15:

Monday Mentions

  1. C + I Petits Bijoux choker necklace- This elegant choker is from the Chloe + Isabel Fleur de Paris line and is perfect to add a bit of sparkle to any outfit.  The choker is a trending style right now, but I like finding a way to make it more classic.
  2. Day Designer- With school approaching, I love finding ways to stay organized.  The Day Designer collection is a great way to keep everything organized while at school or work!
  3. Crochet bathing suit- I finally got to wear my crochet bathing suit on vacation last weekend! It was so bright and perfect for the beach.
  4. Revlon Ultimate mascara- This mascara is actually AMAZING.  It makes my lashes look so full and long which I love.
  5. Listening to- “Me Too” by Meghan Trainer (such a feel good song!)

Have a happy and fabulous day!





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