Spring Break Travel Essentials

TGISB! (Thank God it’s Spring Break).  Spring Break is finally here, and I cannot wait to escape the snow and replace it with sand.  As much as I love going on vacation, packing always seems to stress me out before leaving. Aside from trying to fit my extremely large wardrobe into a tiny suitcase, I also struggle with trying to remember the things that I will want while relaxing on the beach. Check out my travel essentials that I HAVE to bring in my beach bag.


I got my monogrammed beach bag from Etsy, and it’s a perfect carry-on size that fits everything I need!


First, I have my floppy hat, bow bathing suit, dry tanning oil, and sparkling pink lemonade. I also brought my Lilly Pulitzer cooler, hairbrush, a hat, and a fun beach read. Finally, I packed a magazine, my iPod, sunglasses, and Marley Lilly Sand Buddy to keep the sand off of my drinks.


I guess there’s a theme of pink going on here, but it’s the beach so a pink overload is definitely acceptable!  Whether you’re going on a Spring Break trip or just need to pack for your next road trip, these tips are very helpful for any beach destination.


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